Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So tell me what ya want what ya really really want !

Today’s Nudge: Day 20 ! create a contest or challenge for your readership

     I was kinda curious yesterday. I combined two artists I love in my painting for the fem class 2.2! I have been an avid Tiare Smith Woods follower for years. I have learned so much from her. Also, the last year I have been on the Effy Wild train. As an artist I like to try my own steps, my own techniques, while also learning from them. My contest is this. Here are images from yesterday's paintings. I want to know, if you think it looks more like Tiare, or more like Effy or if you can really see MY OWN VOICE in it. You might look at it and say, well, yeah I see Effy in there, and I see a bit of Tiare in there. 

Here is a link to Effy's Blog Effy!
Here is a link to Tiare's Blog Tiare!

But you must go visit their websties. Really look around at their work. And see if you can see what I have learned. If you can see I have really made it my own, come back comment, whatever your heart is telling you! There is no wrong answer. The winner will be picked Friday Sept 27th at 7 pm! The winner will get a hand painted canvas from me! Something that says, thank you for playing along! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I am 34 and it looks like I finally QUIT biting my nails!

Today’s Nudge: Feature one or two people who do what you do but in a different way in your blog today.

Day 19,
ignoring today's nudge. Because, well if you are a friend on my facebook, I covered the answer this morning! 

     There are so many things we do on a daily basis, that we dont realize we are doing. I am a fidget person. I should probably own a fidget spinner. I bet if I did, I would have grown my nails out long before now ~but, at last, I finally did it! I have zero interest in trying to fidget and bite my nails! Sometimes though, we don't realize why we fidget. I never thought of the why's?
     From talking to you guys, I know it's not just me who arts.
     The last month I have been so busy with new art classes, and really watching videos and taking notes and DOING, not just biting my nails as I watch for fear of my blank page! Maybe I have lost my fear of the blank page. Today I created an entire morning spread, as well as did an hour long zoom class tonight and created in it!
     My mind has 1,000 other things on it as well! My brothers wedding is narrowing in, my getting my front tooth crowned, my Giants playing embarrsingly bad! Ect. But, I hope that no matter where you are you take a minute, look down at your nails, and quit biting them! It is easier said than done, I know, it took me 34 years to quit! Maybe now I can get my ears pierced! However, the things that are on my mind, normally would have caused me to bite my nails all the way down! And they aren't!
     Maybe you have met these women too, the chronic nail biters! I know I am not alone! But I dont even want to look back! My nails look so dang pretty. Except right now they are very painterly! So you will just have to trust me when I say I am so proud of myself! I am so excited! I am filled with sunshine and rainbows and could piss glitter! Seriously! This is a BIG step for me!
     This is me patting myself on the back!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Life hack, I don't hold onto grudges....

Day 18
Today’s Nudge: Share a life hack.

     I never used to be good at anything, that required making a list, organizing, ect. Until, they came out with cute ways to plan. I am a sticker person. Gold stars just don't cut it for me. What really gets me going is cute sticky notes, matching pens, and decorative washie tape and she art girls made from Christy Tomlinson, plus knowing that it was always handmade and one of a kind! 
     I then found, Erin Conderin, swoonage! And I was hooked. I went from scrap booking queen, from mixed media artist, to planner fanatic! I loved every minute of it. I would plan my time wisely and then go do! My life hack started with a check list from Erin C. that allowed me to have all my house wifey chores done by the weekend. I would dust in each room Monday, that included the ledges on my windows. I would also do all the windows in each room on Monday. Tuesday I would start small and declutter EACH room of the house. Throw away all garbage. Wednesday I would do laundry from each room. Bathrooms including rugs ect. Ending with bed sheets and cat towels on the couch. Thursday I would clean and focus on bathrooms. Friday I would vacuum and finish everything else I didn't have listed. It worked for me. Then come weekend, especially football weekend, I WOULD BE FREE! FREE TO BE A HAPPY COUCH POTATO! And Scream YAY FOOTBALL! I MISS THAT GIRL! That girl left when we went and spent the last summer on Dauphin Island. Today I am getting up and I am demanding full control of myself and I am going to hour by hour manage my time. Just like I used to! So, this football weekend, I will be ME! And be free from the desperate housewife!
     Also, another hack, for those of you with a multi cat house hold. I have 5 cats. All of my friends brag and say they can never smell that we have cats here. Secret hack number 1, hide litter boxes from friends. Out of sight out of mind. Less to smell. We have two and they are hidden in the cats nook that can not be seen when you walk in any door to our house. Hack number 2, instead of going and buying new litter boxes each go around, because that can get overly expensive, just bleach out the cat urine. I mean really bleach it out. I take mine out, wash it with dish soap, and bleach together. Let it sit out and soak and dry in the sun! I also always try to keep my house set at a cooler temp like 73. Any higher than that and you will be able to smell it more. Also, try to get all females. Makes want to mark their territory everywhere! I also think it helps to have wood floors and not carpet. Carpet holds smells in. Try to buy a rug that is inexpensive for your living room. My cats are only inside cats. They dont ever spray anywhere. And I also try to clean litter boxes before guest get here. As well as light some candles that smell like you are cooking!

ALSO.... I get asked. HOW AM I SO HAPPY? I try to remain happy. I learned at a young age, I don't want to people please. I don't want to just blend in. I just dont want to be one with the crowd. I like to stand out, and I don't give a rats ass if you are talking about me. Really I dont. If you watch me, I will genuinely do something to piss you off just to run your mouth about me. But it wont be any harm. No harm no foul. But you get the jist. The less and less that someone knows that they don't get under your skin, the happier you can be. It worked for me! I also let myself lose track of time. I don't always watch check. Because who wants that? That's like wishing your life away always wondering what time it is! And that makes me ridiculously happy. I mean if you are my friend reading this have you ever heard me ask what time it is? My Motto is, it's always 5 oclock somewhere!!!!I mean I am so okay with getting in my art room by ten am and noticing it is 4 oclock and wondering where my day went! Of course I know exactly what I did with my day, but not time keeping means the world to my hack of being happy! As the title stated, I don't hold onto grudges. I don't! Because I am happy. I have learned those people only see the glass half full. And who wants it to be 5 oclock with an almost empty glass?

Someone asked to see my planner and wondered how I did it all planned and stj'ed and art classes!!  Oh and I painted on 3 canvases this weekend. These are for painting the fem fall e course 2017

 How I planned in my *E.C* before Effy.
My current sweet trash journal/diary/morning pages/blogger/class note log/ to do lists ect

Yes, even worked a formula to where I try on what I buy when I bring it home, and put down what event I will wear it to! That way it will get worn! I was having some issues with keeping tags on things. This way I know what I have to wear for the specific event!
this was in my EC. I had done everything I needed that week and wanted to cover it up with great art! To inspire me to go to my art room and paint! Since I had done it all!

Proof I do what I say, and mean what I do, and do when I write it out! Ish gets done! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Behind the scenes cutting up

Day 17 blog along with Effy
Today’s Nudge: Show off without apologizing.
Optional nudge: Start a blog series that you can commit to updating regularly that will help you build your community.

Bragging rights.....
See there, tickle monster! 
Stole his hat, told him it's not nice to tickle LOL ! 
       So what happens when you run into a friend of the family? One that you haven't seen in 20 plus years, but you guys pick right back up? The tickle monster comes back to life. True Story Richard Tyson used to tickle us! LOL He was the tickle monster. And I got to spend a summer in the now with him on Dauphin Island. Mobile Alabama and Dauphin Island is becoming the new Hollywood.
He was filming a movie with Jean Claude Van Damme and he loved to see my buddy Art, play with Johnny Barbados. The picture of me on the right was, the night we taught Richard how to play darts. He was rather amused.
The night on the left was a night where we almost danced, but he couldn't do it, because he knew I was married. He is a true southern gentleman! Remember the movies he was in? Kindergarten cop, 3 oclock high, Something about Mary. ect. The picture on the right was one he took of me and a friends guitar. We invited him out with us for the evening and he wanted my husband to help him write a chase scene song for a movie he is filming now. He isn't a bad photographer is he?
The circle of us discussing the said theme for the chase scene. Trying to write the song. Oh we also talked him into getting a new phone. I showed him how to upload photos to facebook and internet. He was amazed at how fast they worked. And wanted to know what of my single friends was commenting on my pictures of him. Later that month, he got all of his false facebook pages taken down, and started a new one, got a new phone like ours and retired his flip phone! TRUE STORY! He is now in the 20th century LOL. What a night that was. Like explaining to your Uncle how to use a cell phone. I was speaking french and he was speaking Shakespeare!

Richard Tyson isn't the only actor I had the pleasure of meeting the last year.  It's been nice taking a break for the music world in my photography and taking photos of actors when they come to town. And especially those that don't mind and do want the media attention and are very nice about entertaining the people they meet! My island mom and I got to meet the guy in Logan. He was filming a movie with J.C.V.D. He signed my poster always keep on smiling :) After I told him I was a photographer. He then said I should get involved in the Mobile Alabama film Guild. I know I know what am I waiting for right?

 My island dad trying to sell his motorcycle to J.C.V.D's producer.


Nicholas Cage is back in town filming another movie! He also did a very nice thing! He stopped by the Womens and Childrens hospital to meet some of the sick kids. He is very down to earth. The first movie he filmed here was Tokarev. I took these with my cell phone off of my computer so noone can try to save them for their own and sell them. If you try they will be very pixelated! Mine won't be however. During this movie they filmed a scene outside of Veets. And my dad was an extra in it! They asked him to sign a release! Which he was fine with because he works right down the road! I also was able to meet Nick Cage. I really had to remind myself I was married, and so was he! He sure has come along way since Valley Girl!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trust the He *ART*

Day 16
Today’s Nudge: Dig something really good out of your archived writings, or write about trust.

     I mean noone simply falls in love with a bass guitar......
do they?    My husband and I have been married for decades. Well, at least it will be our ten year wedding anniversary November 2017! That's one decade right?
    That is a lot of years, to me! In fact, it is my longest relationship. We have had our ups and downs, our bumps in the road. And our I hate you right now moments, but I still love you like the day we got married moments. Here is one thing I trust about us.
    I trust that we will, challenge each other to be better than we were yesterday! My husband is a musician. His weapon of choice, the bass. His band he was in, had gotten rather stale. And it was showing in his playing bass. He wasn't happy, and that was his first love. The one thing in his life he always trusted he would have around with when everything else seemed to fail, his bass, never left his side. I have never asked him to quit playing, just to find a new band to make him happier, to pick up his bass again. He found that yesterday! A band he thinks he will enjoy to the fullest for fun, because he missed out on so many "fun," parts with his other band. I  have a good feeling about this new band. I could see that smile on his face. It was like he was falling in love all over again with his bass. He trusted his gut, and told me, I think this is what I have been needing.
    He trusts in my relationship with art, journals, brushes, ect. He saw just how happy I was when he snuck and ordered my Simmons Titanium Brushs and a brush roll up kit for my painting the fem ecourse I am in currently.
    Then, on the kitchen table he pointed out to our new books! Books I had ordered for us as a ten year wedding anniversary gift. For our 5 year wedding anniversary gift, I got us the Love Dare. While we completed the love dare, from start to finish! Being the last dare, is to renew your vows. We even did that! It was a small family and friends gathering of those who had been with us through the last 5 years! I happened to see this book, and think well, what if. So, I got it for our anniversary, 100 days of challenges. If there is anything like a renewing vows in it, we will get married during our tenth year ! And what a treat that would be. One thing I do trust about us, is we ace challenges life throws at us. If we can complete the love dare, with a complete wedding at the River Shack, then we can complete the 100 days challenge! I think I will continue with this blogger for the 100 days challenge even after my day 30 with Effy is done! You can join me if you want!
Because if you can't trust them, who can you trust?
     Most days it is hard for me to trust myself. But I do trust my husband. Especially with these challenges. While I find it hard to trust myself, I know my husband will be there for those days! And he will be there on days when I don't feel I can trust him. Which is worded wrong because I do trust him, it is other women, I don't trust. There ya have it ! I know most days, my arms and his arms will fall back and catch me :)                                                    

Friday, September 15, 2017

I feel like I don't have to "know" what's happening!

Day 15 :
Today’s Nudge: What’s something you know for sure?

     I feel like I don't have to "know" what's happening!
      There is something grand in "unknowing!" And choosing to unknow! Our own lives get so busy with day to day tasks and routines, that sometimes we just don't have the time to Keep up with the Kardashians. Heck, some days I don't even have the time in my own life to keep up with myself! That is one thing I do know!
     I have these days I call media black out days.
Where I only log onto MY facebook. And post on my page. And don't visit others pages. I also might not watch and news. Or read any news. I also might not get on the internet at all and I am perfectly happy with that. It gives me time for me. I know I am NOT really missing being "informed..." because I take note and listen to those around me instead of relying on media to do that for me. But, I am not relying on false information.
     I am in a very knowing space. I know where my light switch is. I know where 3 out of 5 of my cats might be sleeping. I know where my dog is laying in the yard. I know my husband is at work. I know where my parents are for the day. And I know, I am going to be in the art room learning about my art, symbols, my paint brushes. And listening to music. That much I do know. I might also write.
     But it is not important for me to be always in the "know...." Ain't no body got time for that! Somedays it is best to stick with what you do know. See what I did there? I like to honor where I am, with my creativity, like it is a sacred thing. My book of days, where I learn just about my trade. As if I was really in a school. But with all the comforts of home!  
     It is just called, I know how to resist. I know how to chill. Not just with netflix. And that much I do know :) I know a lot more, but I am in my chill zone today! But I blogged and it's day 15! I did it!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oddly ennough, the power of 3!

Today’s Nudge: Day 14
Share something that isn't
widely known about YOU!

     I  normally don't tell people about my obsession with numbers. Oddly enough, the numbers of 3! 
I have never really been totally spiritual. I read my bible. I am a Christmas and Easter church goer. I read my Joyce Meyers devotions. My husband and I try new devotional books and read them together. I actually just bought us one, called the 100 day spouse challenge. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. But I am spiritual in other ways :)
     When you think of 3's, you usually think of the Father, Son, the Holy Spirit. I see 3:33. A number that I have always felt connected to. I use it in my art, I will put three huge circles on my page. And I don't really know why? Other than the three sticks with me. Intuitive painting, what have you? I also see it at night. Most of the time that is really when I see 333 am. That is the hour of us writers, poets, over thinkers, art gals. 
     I have read where it means you are protected, and it is a divine message. If that is totally true, and I believe it to be so, I was at my Island moms house yesterday, dropping of Xtini's journal. And my island dad his fathers day gifts. A little late because life. But I had this big something to be at yesterday afternoon at 4 p.m. My Island mom and I have this connection that is really hard to explain. Unless I had a bottle of wine to share with you, and if you were ready to cry some tears. But Remember, I had to be there at 4 pm. After our visit, Island mom gave me a hug. And we said goodbye. I asked my Dad what time it was when we finally drove off and got going to my location. It was 3:33. When I got done with my big event, Island mom was the first person I called and told the good news to. This was her message,
"I could feel that u were going to be ok and it would go good when I hugged u." I didn't tell her about the 333 time when we left. Because I had other phone calls to make. 
     There is more. Last year on my birthday, island mom and I were swapping how old we were and our age stories. I told her (last year July 9th, 2016) I was going to be 33, and had just bought a Matt Harvey New York Mets Jersey, 33! And we really struck our bond when she said, 333! This is you! You are my 333 baby. I knew it and I could feel it! And I have been since! I am always seeing 333! Even at this game of darts. My favorite pitcher. And yesterday was really my lucky day considering the outcome of my event I was headed to, had really good news. And what was yesterdays date? Lucky 13! The last thing I wrote to my island mom last night later on was, Lucky 13, that power of 3! 
     And I fully believe I do have higher ones out there fully protecting me every step of the way. It could also be the time I take medicine. When my husband is on Day shift his alarm goes off at 330. And it takes me 3 minutes to get up and go grab my pepsi or coke, and my thyroid pill. This day and age, everyone keeps a phone for time right? IT could also be the one time I actually look down at my kitchen clock, because I start dinner for my husband when he is on day shift. I just can't explain this power of 3! Nor 33, nor 333!!!!! But this is what isn't widely known about me. Mainly because I am not sure how to share this bond? Or how to share my connection to the number! 
     As my reader, maybe you have some 333 advice for me! I am willing to listen!!! :)


So tell me what ya want what ya really really want !

Today’s Nudge: Day 20 ! create a contest or challenge for your readership      I was kinda curious yesterday. I combined two artists I ...